Comparative Genomics & Animal Evolution (CGAE)


Our group does research in the field of comparative genomics and animal evolution. Topics include: Molecular systematics of arthropods and birds, comparative mitochondrial genomics of Bilateria, comparative genomics of vertebrates and arthropods (evolution of gene families, gene order / exon-intron structure), Evolution of parasitic Crustacea. Teaching includes courses in the frame of master programme "Organismic biology, Evolutionary Biology and Palaeontology", e.g. Molecular Phylogenetics, Comparative Genomics and Bioinformatics.




Recent publications

  • Orthologous protein sets for phylogenetic analyses

    PETERSEN M, MEUSEMANN K, DONATH A, LIU S, PETERS RS, PODSIADLOWSKI L, VASILIKOPOULOS A, ZHOU X, MISOF B, NIEHUIS O (2017): Orthograph: a versatile tool for mapping coding nucleotide sequences to clusters of orthologous genes. BMC Bioinformatics 18: XX, accepted
  • Insect insulator proteins

    DOWLING D, PAULI T, DONATH A, MEUSEMANN K, PETERS RS, PODSIADLOWSKI L, MISOF B, NIEHUIS O (2017): Phylogenetic origin and diversification of RNAi pathway genes in insects. Genome Biol & Evol, advance access doi:10.1093/gbe/evw281
  • An extinct parrot on a tree

    PODSIADLOWSKI L, GAMAUF A, TÖPFER T (2017): Revising the phylogenetic position of the extinct Mascarene parrot, Mascarinus mascarinus (Linnaeus 1771). Mol Phyl Evol 107: 499-502
  • Cryptic species in Nemerteans

    KRÄMER D, SCHMIDT C, PODSIADLOWSKI L, BECKERS P, HORN L, DÖHREN JV (2017): Unravelling the Lineus ruber / viridis species complex (Nemertea: Heteronemertea). Zoologica scripta 46: 111-126
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CGAE participates on Leibnitz graduate school

Our group is part of an initiative to sequence a flock of insect genomes as part of the Graduate School on Genomic Biodiversity Research (GBR), granted by the Leibnitz association. More information here.

Winter term 2016/17 course "Modeling and simulation of biological data" is finished now

Summer term 2017 course "Bioinformatics and evolutionary genomics" - July 2017







The group

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Institut für Evolutionsbiologie & Ökologie, An der Immenburg 1; 53121 Bonn; Telephone +49-(0)228-735159 (L. Podsiadlowski)