The group:

PD Dr. Lars Podsiadlowski (Group leader)



Dipl.biol. Peter Lesny

Peter Lesny is working on crab phylogeny and parasite-host interaction in the Carcinus / Sacculina relation. During his diploma thesis he worked on the mitochondrial genome of Phoronida.



Dipl.biol. Sebastian Martin

Sebastian Martin writes his PhD thesis on comparative genomic analyses of extracellular matrix components in arthropods.




Past members


Yvonne Kruszinski

Thomas Sadler

Marcus Flier

Niwin Alawieh

Dr. Kathrin Fahrein

Dr. Fabian Kilpert (AWI Bremerhaven)

Adina Mwinyi (LGC Genomics, Berlin)

Alexander Suh (Uni Münster)

Nicola Dolgener (Uni Potsdam)

Heiko Kohlhagen



Former Guest Researchers


Sara Comandi (Uni. Siena)

Juliette Arabi (NHM Paris)

Jerome Murienne (Harvard / NHM Paris)